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At General Wholesale Company, our commitment to excellence is exhibited through our distributor network. We are able to serve the state of Georgia and beyond through our reliable network of distribution professionals who know the brands and markets we serve. 

We serve Georgia, upstate South Carolina and Florida with over 700 employees who guarantee consistent and on-time delivery. We are able to provide industry-awarded service to our partners throughout the region thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our employees who have a passion for their work. 

Since 1947 we have been providing top-quality service and a commitment to developing long-term relationships. We feel lucky to serve the regions we do and enjoy bringing the top brands to different parts of our state.


To ensure that our suppliers are represented by the most aggressive, dynamic and innovative partners within the industry

To provide our customers with the absolute best sales, marketing and distribution service of any wholesaler in the United States of America

To conduct our business in a professional manner with integrity, fiscal responsibility, and with a commitment to our community

To manage our business in an environment that encourages creativity, partnership, and the responsible use of beverage alcohol