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General Wholesale Company is a leading NA, beer and wine & spirits wholesaler serving the southeast United States. Our commitment to excellence comes from an adherence to high standards and the belief that it is best to exceed expectations, particularly with our employees, suppliers and customers. 

Our diverse supply of brands shows a commitment to quality and bringing these top brands to the marketplace. We believe in investing in our people to bring the brands we represent to the marketplace in the highest quality manner.


Robert Earl Howard, a native of Wrens, Georgia, located just outside of Augusta, Georgia, started and incorporated a company called General Wholesale Company on January 23, 1947. It began as a spirits distributor in Atlanta, and then in Augusta, and eventually to include northern Florida. Mr. Howard and his wife had one child, Jane Howard, who would go on to marry William D. Young. In 1963 Bill Young joined the company and took over the overall management upon the passing of R.E. Howard in 1965. Bill directed the company through years of growth until his sons, Bill Jr., Howard and Steve each joined the business after college. 

In 1980, they bought the Stroh/Pabst/Schlitz business in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Later, the Coors Brewing Company (now Molson Coors Beverage Company) was added when CBC expanded east. In 2006 they acquired the Miller Brewing Company portfolio. And now the company represents a number of other strong and quality suppliers.

Then in the early ’90s, they branched out into the brokerage operations in Alabama and Mississippi. In 2016, with the wholesale/brokerage concentration of a national level, the brokerage operations were sold to the Glazers out of Texas.

General Wholesale Company operates as a beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic wholesaler statewide in Georgia, a beer wholesaler in Spartanburg, South Carolina and a beer and wine wholesaler in Florida. 


To ensure that our suppliers are represented by the most aggressive, dynamic and innovative partners within the industry

To provide our customers with the absolute best sales, marketing and distribution service of any wholesaler in the United States of America

To conduct our business in a professional manner with integrity, fiscal responsibility, and with a commitment to our community

To manage our business in an environment that encourages creativity, partnership, and the responsible use of alcoholic beverages


  • 2017: Constellation Brands Beer Division National Largest Off-Premise Distribution Gain Award
  • 2017: National Beverage Company 200,000 case Award
  • 2018: Jim Beam Champion Club Winner
  • 2018: Pabst Brewing Company #1 Schlitz Malt Liquor Distributor In America Award
  • 2018: Constellation Brands Beer Division 6 Million Case Award
  • 2018: MillerCoors Presidents Award
  • 2019: Jim Beam Champion Club Winner
  • 2019: Pabst Brewing Company #1 Schlitz Malt Liquor Distributor In America Award
  • 2019: Constellation Brands Beer Division 2nd Place, Gold Network Award Winner, Largest Classification
  • 2020: Jim Beam Champion Club Winner